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PhD Nutrition L-Glutamine 120ct

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The PhD Nutrition L-Glutamine tablets provide 6000mg L-Glutamine per serving. Designed to support intense exercise, by providing muscle support and aiding muscle repair. Glutamine is an essential amino acid. It is also required by our muscles. It is one of the most vital building blocks in forming proteins. This can help with repair of muscle tissue and protein synthesis. Glutamine is an essential Amino Acid, required by your muscles. Therefore it is one of the most vital building blocks in forming the proteins. Glutamine is produced in the muscles. Once produced it is distributed by the blood to the organs that need it. It can help with preventing muscles from being broken down. Glutamine is found in many forms of protein. Mostly in Whey Protein and Casein. Supplementing glutamine as a post workout can help restore amino levels that are diminished during training. Restoring these amino levels will result into a new building block of new proteins to be made which will help you with recovery levels. This is suitable for anyone wanting to help maintain cellular health and tissue repair. This includes people from amateur cycling to professional bodybuilding. PhD Nutrition 1000mg L-Glutamine tablets are a great way to help raise the intake of these much needed Amino Acids and help support muscle repair The PhD Glutamine formula contains only the finest micronized L-Glutamine and can be taken throughout the day, as part of your nutritional plan. And can be easily added to your favourite PhD protein shakes.