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Anne Semonin 100% Active Contour Serum (15ml)

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Rejuvenate your skin with the Anne Semonin 100% Active Contour Serum, designed to target the signs of ageing around the eyes, lips and neck. Formulated with Rhizobian Gum to intensely moisturise, Marine Spring Water to inject your skin with minerals, and Red Micro-Algae and Evening Primrose Oil to improve suppleness, this serum will plump up your skin to rid you of those unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. – I.M Directions for use: Morning and night - Apply 1-2 drops around the eye contour and 1 drop around the lip contour for maximum effect.

Posted on: 19/04/2017

Anne Semonin Marine Toner (200ml)

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The Anne Semonin Marine Toner is formulated with mineral-rich sea water to revitalise dull, sallow complexions. Also rich in soothing and slightly astringent rose water, it works to refresh, calm, moisturise and tone. The toner is ideal for men as an excellent after-shave lotion, to tone and heal the skin. Directions: Apply morning and night to face and décolleté with a cotton wool pad (after cleansing skin with Botanical Milk or Oligo Cleansing Gel), or with bare hands, like any aftershave lotion.

Posted on: 19/04/2017

Anne Semonin Oligo Cleansing Gel (125ml)

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This mild, water-based foaming cleanser gently removes makeup, impurities and excess sebum. The soap-free and paraben-free formula does not dry or irritate even sensitive skin types. Delicately scented and formulated, it contains a special red algae with anti-bacterial and anti-pollution properties and a biological exfoliator which eliminates dead skin cells, impurities and smooths the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and supple. Suitable for combination or oily skin and ideal for city dwellers. Directions: Morning and night, apply to wet skin and massage lightly with fingertips using circular motions Rinse with lukewarm water and a Cellulose Sponge Follow with Botanical Toner or...Read More

Posted on: 19/04/2017

Anne Semonin Oligoanne Serum (30ml)

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The Oligoanne Serum from Anne Semonin is the perfect product for dry, dehydrated and tired skin. This perfecting treatment is packed with natural antioxidants to nourish and revitalise. With an intensive firming action, it also helps to regulate skin tone whilst soothing your skin. Its key ingredients include Chlolerra to smooth, tone and rejuvenate the skin cells and seawater with trace elements and hydrolized Algin to inject your skin with minerals. – I.M Directions for use: Smooth on at night for a regenerating treatment or apply before moisturiser during the day.

Posted on: 19/04/2017

Anne Semonin Soothing Intensive Complex (15ml x 2)

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The Soothing Intensive Complex by Anne Semonin contains a duo of products which will calm and relieve your skin. Botanical castor oil forms the base of the Soothing Essential Oils Intensive Complex, complemented by the essential oils of marjoram, Italian lemon zest, laurel and aqueous extract of Centella Asiatica. Helping to widen your blood vessels, these essential oils encourage greater blood circulation as well as boasting anti-inflammatory properties. Formulated with borage oil, the Soothing Trace Elements Intensive Complex also features chromium cobalt to improve blood circulation and iodine to protect the capillary walls. - I.M Directions for use: At night: use on their own....Read More

Posted on: 19/04/2017

Anne Semonin Tissue Serum (30ml)

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The Anne Semonin Tissue Serum will help to regulate your skin´s moisture levels and strengthen delicate tissue. It also works to even out the fine lines on your lips and neck. Containing concentrated seawater to maintain hydration, Ginkgo Biloba to encourage blood circulation, rose water to calm your skin and hydrolized collagen to tone, this treatment can be used under your moisturiser in the morning or on its own at night. – I.M Directions for use: To be used on its own at night or under your moisturiser in the morning. Apply with gentle strokes around eye and lip contours and upwards on neck area, or smooth gently over the entire face and neck.

Posted on: 19/04/2017

Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser 60ml

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Formulated to deep cleanse and remove surface impurities, the Anthony skincare for men Glycolic Facial Cleanser cleans whilst gently exfoliating dead skin away, for cleaner berak-out free slom. The 4.9% glycolic cleanser includes Vitamins A, C and E, protecting skin from free radicals and environmental damage throughout the day after use. Paraben free, the non-foaming cleanser contains calendula, chamomile and aloe vera to soothe skin, making it one of the kindest glycolic products yet.

Posted on: 01/04/2017

Anthony Invigorating Rush Hair and Body Wash 100ml

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Awaken your senses with this Invigorating Rush Hair and Body Wash from Anthony. Stimulating with a unique blend of Eucalyptus extract, refreshing with Birch leaf and soothing with Canadian Balsam. Unique alpine wood scent Cleanses and conditions hair and body in one step Eucalyptus and sage extracts energize your body Canadian Balsam, Allantoin and Chamomile extract soothe and reduce inflammation

Posted on: 01/04/2017

Anthony Pre Shave Oil 59ml

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Protect skin prior to shaving with the Pre Shave Oil from Anthony. Created to layer under a shave cream or gel, the unique formula softens and lifts beard hair, preventing the formation of ingrown hairs and razor burn. The oil does not clog the pores and leaves skin calm and soothed. Infused with Essential Oils to soften the hairs, Vitamin E to condition and Calendula which soothes. Ideal for beards prone to shaving irritation such as razor bumps and burn.

Posted on: 01/04/2017

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask 75ml

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The Aura Manuka Honey Mask by Antipodes is a unique face mask formulated with natural ingredients which works to give you a refreshed, supple complexion. Boasting a light scent of vanilla and mandarin, the mask boasts antibacterial manuka honey as it's main ingredient, an ancient remedy favourited by the New Zealand Maori people. It'll oxidise the skin whilst deeply cleansing and moisturising, leaving your skin amazingly rejuvenated and soft. K.D. Directions for use: Smooth thick layers of this creamy mask over your face and neck twice weekly. Leave for 15 minutes then rinse with warm and pure water. Also ideal for treating spots and blemishes as they may arise.

Posted on: 01/04/2017

Antipodes Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator (75ml)

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Boasting a lavish, natural formula, the Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator from organic experts Antipodes works to refresh and cleanse the skin for a soft and supple complexion. Suitable for most skin types, it contains a blend of avocado oil and jojoba beads to remove impurities and unclog pores to leave skin feeling super smooth. Carrot seed and calendula oils also work to calm and soothe, whilst the subtle scent of cedarwood and sweet orange ensure a refreshing experience. K.D. Directions for use: Gently blend into moist skin at sunrise or whenever your skin calls for a new life. Rinse well with warm and pure water and a damp face cloth.

Posted on: 09/04/2018

ARgENTUM la potion infinie Anti-Age Cream (70ml)

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Rediscover your skin's youthful capacity with ARgENTUM's la potion infinie Anti-Age Cream, a restorative anti-ageing cream that works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and oxidative stress on the skin. Backed by years of scientific research, the 99.5% natural origins cream utilises a patented blend of Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP; the pair work in tandem to instantly hydrate skin, delivering a pleasant tightening effect whilst stimulating circulation for re-energised, radiant skin. Suitable for all ages and skin types, the miracle cream will leave skin feeling super-hydrated, younger and softer. Suitable for all skin types and ages. Suitable for both men and women. WINNER of...Read More

Posted on: 19/04/2017

ARgENTUM l'etoile infinie Enhancing Face Oil 30ml

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Create supple and radiant looking skin with l'etoile infinie Enhancing Face Oil from ARgENTUM. The powerful elixir is designed for use as a protective, hydrating oil and can be used alone or applied to enhance la potion infinie. The super light oil works as an anti-ageing formula for the face. Boasting antioxidant properties, the oil protects the skin’s elasticity whilst thoroughly nourishing. The enhancing treatment also aims to balance natural oil production, visibly unifying the complexion and leaving skin youthful and luminous.

Posted on: 19/04/2017

ARK - Age Maintain Renewing Exfoliator (75ml)

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The ARK Age Maintain Renewing Exfoliator will gently remove dead skin cells, so you can say hello to bright, radiant skin. Specially formulated for those in their mid 30s-50, it uses multi-fruit acids to slough away dirt and dry skin. Enriched with white clay which increases circulation to optimise exfoliation, it also contains prickly pear extract which speeds up the elimination of dead skin cells. - L.M. Directions for Use: Apply an even layer to a dampened face and neck, avoiding the eye area You may experience a slight tingling due to the exfoliating action The product will dry after 5-10 minutes, signifying the treatment is complete Rinse off with warm water

Posted on: 21/03/2017

ARK - Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser (200ml)

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Rebalance and refresh your complexion with the Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser from ARK. Specially formulated for teens and skin in its twenties, the soap-free cleanser is infused with oat amino acids to eliminate dirt, impurities and excess oil, without damaging the natural barrier. Enriched with watercress, nettle and horsetail to regulate oil and banish dryness, whilst antioxidant white tea protects from free radical damage and environmental aggressors to leave skin clear, comfortable and rejuvenated. E.N.

Posted on: 09/04/2018